New Ways to Advertise on Social Media

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Can’t keep up with all the updates from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Read on for latest changes you should know about.

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Building A Better Responsive Website

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Earlier this year, I was in the beginning stages of a redesign for our company’s website. We had already been planning to use a straightforward responsive approach to Web design, which is our preferred solution for multi-device support. After hearing some frank discussions at An Event Apart conference in Boston about the limitations and challenges of responsive Web design, I realized that our solution needed a bit of adjustment.

Thankfully, the project before us was the ideal opportunity to experiment and push ourselves to improve our responsive workflow. In this article, I will detail the process we took, including some of the changes we made along the way, as we worked to build a better responsive website.

Variety of phones.
The variety of devices being used to access our websites is more diverse than ever. (Image: Blake Patterson)

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FINALLY!!! IE10 is launched for Windows 7

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Windows 7 users and my designer friends, the wait is over. Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 10 — which debuted with Windows 8 four months ago — for Windows 7.

For now IE 10 is an optional update, though Microsoft will be adding it as a silent background update for IE 9 users in the next few weeks. If you’ve been using the preview version released late last year, Windows Update should give you an “Important Update” message, prompting you to install the final version.

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New Blast in HTML Community => HTML5

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Before we discuss the new features that are found in HTML5, we need to know what it is. HTML5 is the wave of the future for the internet. What’s interesting is it’s possible to already benefit from some of its features. Hyperlink Text Markup Language is the backbone of the internet. With all the new devices the present HTML4 isn’t able to keep up. Many devices like iPad and iPhones are having a lot of problems with different features of HTML4. The new HTML5 will address these problems, making it possible for mobile devices to use all the features of the internet.

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What’s new in CSS3?

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Cascading style sheet is a popular technology used by web developers to separate content of the web pages from its design. CSS provide wide range of features to control the look and feel of the web pages without even touching main HTML design. The standards for CSS are developed by World Wide Web consortium also known as W3C. That makes a CSS a universal web styling language with consistent syntaxes with improved cross browser compatibility. Most importantly CSS file can be totally separated from the main HTML design as well as it can be embedded with it. Most of the popular web designing tools including Adobe Dreamweaver support CSS by its default configuration. In order to cope up with the modern demands of we design CSS has evolved drastically with in past few years. As a significant result of that improvement the CSS3 standards are developing by W3C. The progress they have made is displayed in here which is in official W3C web site. However at this moment most of the proposed features have been implemented by major web browsers, so we can already enjoy the power of CSS3.

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Interesting Infographics For Your Inspiration

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We’re suckers for infographics because they are a fun way to feature information. It’s like reading a comic book where the pictures tell the story. Many attribute the success of infographics to its use of colour and graphics, but sometimes it is the information it carries that closes the deal.

The Sharing Avalance. This is an infographic about the incredible rise of information being shared through social media and what happens in social media every 60 seconds. – by Voltier Digital & Plastick Media.

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